Dog Paws Rings

  Engraved and antiqued dog paws walking around a silver band ring for him or her suggests a love of his or her prized pet. Dog  Rings are custom made just for their owner, and there's a slimmer version for a smaller finger;  engraved just for her..

Silver Dog Paws Ring

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Hi Mike,
That\'s great, thank you very much.

We are extremely happy with the service we have received. Especially by the fact that you contacted us to let us know that all the lettering and crosses would not fit well on my ring with it being much smaller. If you ever need recommendations or testimonials please feel free to contact us.

Thank you once again and best...
Hi Mike,

I just want to say thank you for the beautiful work on the ring. It fits my -now- husband perfectly and he is very happy with it. It got here just in time for our wedding day!


Anna Sofie Olsen

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