Custom promise rings personalized for men made in silver or gold and designed to engrave great ideas. Custom engraving special phrases on promise rings for men may inspire friends for life. We also engrave custom bands for guys rings, couples rings, girlfriend ring, runes script and cheap engagement wedding rings. College students choice for inexpensive personalized Celtic promise rings for men and women, crafted in U.S.A..

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What is a promise ring good for? well, the simple answer is to let other men or women know that the person who wears one is already in a relationship and to back off. read more

I remember the beat of my heart was faster as he gave me my first promise ring, now I wear it every day and I could never part with it. I think back on the night he brought me to the small coffee house on the north end of town where six months earlier we sat and talked for hours . Danny knew since the day we met that I enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee with a piece of shortbread but that night he had arranged a little surprise. When the order arrived he had placed a paper napkin on top of the ring. Danny knew I would discover my promise ring when I picked up my napkin, even if he had to remind me to use it which showed me that he cared. This I think was to let me know that he listens to my habits and as I lifted the napkin to brush my lip there sat to my surprise a beautifully engraved promise ring to remind me daily of our glamorous friendship.
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04-28-2014 - See whats New! free shipping, Satisfaction guaranteed !! Your rings will be an incredibly well made feast for someones eyes. Promise ring options include custom fonts and symbols such as hearts, cross, and other custom logo's etc.. Avoid last minu... more


I just have to write and let you know that my husband's amazing ring is so much more than I hoped it would be.

It is PERFECT. I am so glad I waited and waited till I found your company.

Thank you,

Ruth Elder
Thank u so much for the rings. We love them... We did at first want the palladium but I couldn't get those, but the silver is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. And I promise when I can afford 2 palladium rings you will be the ONLY person than I will buy from. ( unfortunately it may be a while) I always wanted then in palladium and hopefully I will one day be able to get them.
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