Inexpensive engraved promise rings for men and couples, bands can be made in silver or gold for high quality jewelry. Engraving promise rings may inspire love or friends for life, other ideas include bands for husbands, wife, significant guy, girlfriend or Celtic rings with rune alphabet for engagement rings, wedding bands, an inexpensive option for couples crafted in Texas USA.

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What is a promise ring good for? well, the simple answer is to let other men or women know that the person who wears one is already in a relationship and to back off. read more

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04-28-2014 - See whats New! free shipping, Satisfaction guaranteed !! Your rings will be an incredibly well made feast for someones eyes. Promise ring options include custom fonts and symbols such as hearts, cross, and other custom logo's etc.. Avoid last minu... more

I picked this up from the post office today - and it is fabulous! Thank you and your craftsmen for an excellent job!
Robert Houston
I just received the ring today, and i absolutely love it! It is now everything i wanted!!(: thank you so much!
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