Custom promise rings can offer engraved dates & names as solutions to promise rings for men and women; where engraving is his and hers forever.
Now offering fast and free express priority shipping on all men's promise rings, custom made in Boise Idaho, free shipping affects domestic orders only .
Wearing an engraved ring may gently remind them, so "Why Say It, Engrave It" crafted in the U.S.A.
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A rotating platform makes it easier to see a three dimensional view of our promise rings for men and women; thus letting shoppers know what a 360 degree view of a ring would look like with engraved text or motif. The only manipulation in this video is ring color having been slightly enhanced for one to see what the actual ring would appear to look like in person. Featured rings have engraved dates, names, motifs, phrases or message with a short story to make custom gifts for men or couples. Names and dates are also etched on the inside portion of the ring hidden from view so only wearer would know the intimacy of the words which are engraved. The idea is that when sentiments are worn next to a person's body they have a special significance. Promise rings have origins in ancient Europe and were also popular in Africa during the middle ages with Roman Christianity. Rings that carry vows were traditionally engraved words on a gold or silver band with decorative motifs of there culture. Much of the traditional promise or poesy rings came from around the world which have a special history and all are available in silver, gold and palladium.

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04-28-2014 - See whats New! free shipping, Satisfaction guaranteed !! Your rings will be an incredibly well made feast for someones eyes. Promise ring options include custom fonts and symbols such as hearts, cross, and other custom logo's etc.. Avoid last minu... more

Thank you for - as always - your wonderful customer service.
- Ed S.

Just received the ring! Thank you so much it looks just as beautiful as the old one!

Stephanie Wietrzychowski

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