Engraved promise rings for men, women and couples using custom engraved inscription motifs, logos and text in silver or gold. Women buy engraving for their guy...

Make a promise to yourself to stay on track to reach your rightful destiny which only you can do alone. All things that you wish for in your life can be manifestations of the promise you make to yourself.


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04-28-2014 - See whats New! free shipping, Satisfaction guaranteed !! Your rings will be an incredibly well made feast for someones eyes. Promise ring options include custom fonts and symbols such as hearts, cross, and other custom logo's etc.. Avoid last minu... ...read more

I give you much credit..this ring looks awesome! It is gorgeous...the ONLY thing I am dissapointed about is that I don't have the money right now to order more rings. I promise you'll hear from me and my friends again. Do you have business cards? Can you send me about 10-20 of your business cards? I'll carry around a few at a time in my wallet...and when people inquire about my ring, I'll give ...
Hi Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the ring!!!! It's better than I imagined, thank you for your hard work!
It's getting closer to that time and Al and I would like to get the matching wedding band under way. Can we come by early next week with the deposit?
I can also bring my other ring by for photos if you would like.
Also, I was wondering what the e...
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